Wavelength 25th Anniversary Lullaby Radio Wave Dual Port Wood Pest Treatment System

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The safe no tent Treatment alternitive with many advantages

One Person Operational

No Bagging or food removal

No Tenant overnight lodging

No special Permits necessary

Most Jobs completed in 4-8 Hr.

No need to remove Plants, Fish or electronics

The answer to multiple and single unit Treatments

High profits & savings plus excellent public support & demand

Avoid the risk of human death due to poison gas or chemical exposure

Treatment accepted by FHA,VA,HUD & Conventional lenders for escrow purposes

Pest control firms advertising it as an alternative to fumigation, increase the publics awareness of their companies concern for clients safety as well as the environments protection

Listen to what a termite company has to say about owning and using the Lullaby wood pest treat system

A straight forward honest written product review direct from a long established California coastal termite control company Lullaby system user. View this white board video below, based on a true written customer product review of the Lullaby safe non chemical wood destroying pest treatment device system.


Others who also benefit using a Lullaby treatment system Are; Commercial Property, Associations, Corporations, Coop's and Private Owners, Hotels, Motels, Condos, Multi unit Apartments and Retirement Communities, Resort Lodges, Self Storage Facilities, Schools and Auditoriums "Plus More"

The Wavelength Lullaby Dual Port Wood Pest Treatment System

This larger surface treat area Lullaby system is perfect for commercial termite control firms who seek to start offering their clients a faster treat time non-poison gas fumigation alternative. It is also a popular effective in-house wood pest control treatment cost savings device for commercial property managers and owners that care and maintain income properties as a daily routine or annual maintenance procedure. This dual port system is a favorite for treating wood boring beetles inside of hardwood flooring quickly and easily because of it’s larger surface treat area. Now available, sale priced and guaranteed to compliment any non fumigation treatment arsenal. System provides years of service without maintenance expense. Small enough to fit into cabinets yet powerful enough to treat large surface areas. This system will pay for itself within it's first few uses.


Each Complete 2019 Model Wavelength 25th Anniversary Dual Port GE1150 Lullaby System Contains all The Following Items Listed Below:


One - Proto3 GE1150 Dual Port Generator and hard wired control panel timer box


Two - 2' x6' safety flex shields


One - Battery operated Microwave leakage detector ( battery included)


One - No-Contact Digital Infrared Thermometer ( battery included)


One - Mechanical Thermometer Probe


One - Fully charged ABC portable fire extinguisher


One - Battery operated portable smoke alarm ( battery included)


One - Battery operated wood wall stud finder ( battery included)


One - Ground fault indicator tester


One - Plastic Tote carrying case for housing everything but the shielding


One - Complete usage label and Operators manual with treatment protocols

Product comes with a three year factory warranty. "Click Here To View Warranty"

Systems are made in the USA to order. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

This system package does not include a portable lift mechanism. A wide verity of treatment applicable portable lift systems are readily available for purchase on the open market. See "Lift Types Recommended" follow operators manual link below for details about what type will suit your treatment needs.

To View Complete Lullaby System Operators Manual "Click Here"

A Lullaby Termite Treatment Device System is Guaranteed to pay for itself within as little as 5 uses! How Simple is That to Start 100% Treatment Profiting?

One Lullaby 25th Anniversary Dual Port Model System

Total Sale Price Only $7995.00 US$

Free-Shipping and Handling to all lower 48 U.S. States

Complete Three Year Limited Device Factory Warranty

24/7 Customer Support By Phone and E-mail

45 Day Customer Satisfaction Limited Money Back Guarantee

If not satisfied for any reason simply return product within 45 days of receipt for a full purchase price refund minus a 25% stocking fee. The purpose for stocking fee is to prevent buyer intentional use and return fraud.

This will be one of the smartest business decisions you make this decade

Now that you've seen all the details and are likely to agree that your business cannot afford not to offer this advanced innovative non chemical treatment process, Why Delay? Place Your Order Today.

Wavelength offers in house no interest purchase payment installments to licensed pest control firms. If payment installment terms are needed, please make your written request within the comment box located at the end of the following price quote invoice request web link

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