The Lullaby Radio Wave Termite Treatment System

A Safe No Poison No Tent Treatment Alternative

Targeted use of the Lullaby System causes rapid permanent sleep to all exposed termites by protein renaturation and function disruption of cell membranes and enzyme stability. In simple terms, It peacefully puts termites to sleep forever!

Termite Company Advantages of System Use

Easily capture the 30% untapped non chemical preference customer who refuses treatment:
Use downsizing times to implement a non chemical, low labor cost, safer and cleaner treatment alternative:
Quickly increase company sales plus cut fumigation and treat expenses by 50%:
See profits increase greatly and expand company growth:
Watch your firm become respected and recognized publicly for their safe non poison environmental actions:

More safe no tent treatment alternative advantages for termite companies and the private sector

One person operational:
No bagging or food removal:
No tenant overnight lodging:
No special permits necessary:
Most jobs completed in 4-8 Hr.:
No need to remove plants, fish or electronics:
The answer to multiple and single unit treatments:
High profits & savings plus excellent public support & demand:
Avoid the risk of human death due to poison gas or chemical exposure:
Treatment accepted by FHA,VA,HUD & Conventional lenders for escrow purposes:

Firms advertising it as an alternative to fumigation, increase the public’s awareness of their companies concern for clients safety as well as the environments protection:

Others who also benefit from use of the Lullaby Treat system

Commercial Property, Associations, Corporations, Coop's and Private Owners Hotels, Motels, Condos, Multi unit Apartments and Retirement Communities Resort Lodges, Self Storage Facilities, Schools and Auditoriums, "Plus More"

Manufactured and distributed by WavelengthEMTS Inc

The beginner Lullaby system is perfect for commercial termite control firms who seek to start offering their clients a non-poison gas fumigation alternative. It is also a popular effective in-house termite control treatment cost savings device for commercial property managers and owners that care and maintain income properties as a daily routine or annual maintenance procedure. Now guaranteed to compliment any non fumigation treatment arsenal. System provides years of service without maintenance expense. Small enough to fit into cabinets yet powerful enough to treat large surface areas.

The Safe, Accurate Dry-wood Termite Treatment System

Picture a termite treatment system that can accurately detect live dry-wood termite infestations within a structure and track their exact location.

Now picture this valuable information used to precisely target and eradicate the termites located within visible and hidden areas via use of a safe radio wave application method.

For further details on how to acquire a system, simply access the Online Store Menu at the heading of this web-page or visit now at:

TDSII Set Image

The TDSII Co2 Complete Termite and Bedbug Detector

The first and most important thing necessary in treating termites is to locate where the colonies are. The Lullaby treat system incorporates use of the world’s most accurate termite detection device available to date. View the video below for a brief summary of how this miraculous detection device actually performs.




Wavelength Pest Device Systems Innovation since 1993

View past videos above from 1995 Early System field treat demo “100% Termite kill at treatment target – Exterior siding – Riverside, California, U.S.A.,”

Also view 2010 Used Dual port system test box treat “Microwave Device Kills Termites deep inside wood - Live Video Reveals”

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